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Christmas 1955

It was Christmas Eve.  I was going through Bruce's room when I heard a noise that sounded like thunder.  I thought it was Bruce's storm window.  In the hall I saw Wayne coming out of his room with a giggle that meant trouble.

He said he went through the floor.  I looked at his bed.    One leg had went through the floor.  Mom came up and asked us what happened.  I went down stairs to see the roof.  Wayne's bed leg was through the roof.  There was plaster on the Christmas presents and when I got up stairs I heard Mom tell Wayne to go to bed.  He went to bed as soon as he cleaned up the mess.   After a little while I went to bed too.

I couldn't get to sleep right away so I got up and looked through my telescope at the lights uptown.  I went back to bed and finally got to sleep.

Next thing I knew I was half awake and there was somebody at the door.  It must have been Wayne.  That's what I thought and Mom must have locked the door because she told us she would lock the door because we usually got up at about 5:00.

I looked at the time; it was l:00.   I got up and opened the door.  Who was it?  It was Mom.  I got back into bed and asked Mom what time it was; she said, "One o'clock."

Two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock, five o'clock, five-thirty, and all I had done is layed there, counted, night dreamed, and thought about what was down stairs.  I decided to get up and tip-toe down stairs.





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Up I got, put on my sox, got my flashlight, and got down stairs safe. All that there was is Bruce's stuff and our sox.  I got back to bed safely and finally got to sleep.

I woke up around 7:00.  Wayne came over and I told him what was down stairs.  We dug in our sox, we got candy, and a pocket warmer.  We brought some up stairs and had a picnic in our bed.  After a while, Mom and Dad went down stairs so me and Wayne went down too.  We opened a few presents, then Bruce came down.  We opened up all the presents we could find.

At about 11:00 Ross and Daffinie came over.  They opened up all their presents.  Wayne and I got a big box.  We opened it, took out wrapping, two onions, and finally we found a football.  We could have shoveled out the wrappings.  Bruce tried it.  A little while after, we gathered the wrappings.  Don, Lyla, and Gene came.  They opened the last presents after dinner.

We sat around and ate.  After supper, about 8:00 P.M., we brought down some games.  Just about all of us played monopoly.  The rest didn't play anything.  Then we had lunch.  After eating, I went to bed to end Christmas of 1955.



This is a family Christmas photo taken in our living room a year later, in 1956.

FAMLY-56.JPG (10500 bytes)

Left to right:
Dad, Mom, Doreen, Bruce, Wayne,
myself, and Grandma Zinn.




Posted February 1, 2001.