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Opinions of the British and Foreign Press:

After Riel was hung, newspapers in Britain, Europe, and the United States expressed a wide variety of strong opinions. On December 4, 1885, the Globe newspaper in Toronto published the following opinions under the title, "Opinions of the British and Foreign Press."1


One Paris newspaper claimed that "a mere hint from England would have saved Riel's life." Another paper accused England of being "heartless for not interfering with the hanging and stated that "England has given another proof of her contempt for France." It described England's lack of action as a "slap in the face."

One newspaper reported that the hanging of Riel was "a wholesome reminder that treason is still a crime," while another paper stated that "carrying out of the extreme sentence of the law was both unwise and unnecessary."

A British newspaper published a report from Italy which said that the hanging would "create a very unfavorable impression in Italy."

The United States:
Many newspapers published strong opinions about Riel.



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The above slide show on the Rebellion includes:

  1. The buffalo was the main source of food.
  2. When the buffalo were gone, many Metis turned to farming.
  3. When the Metis were poorly treated, many chose to move.
  4. When the bad treatment continues, Riel responds with anger.
  5. At the beginning of the Battle of Batoche, the Metis lower a ferry cable and disable a gun boat.
  6. When the soldiers attack, the Metis are short of bullets, so they leave.



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