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Part 2: A Jolly Good Journey



ro-core9.jpg (10 kb)


The shower has passed, so we leave the city core.





ro-sqpth.jpg (13 kb +5)


The path through the core is quite busy at noon hour.




ro-rrbdg   13 kb


As the path runs through the trees, it takes a dip and turn.
The shaded pavement is still damp from the recent shower.




ro-rrbdg   11 kb


The path goes under a railway bridge.






ro-darkc   10 kb


This photos was taken about 20 minutes after leaving the city core, looking back. Some dark shower clouds are now above the core. At this point I wasn't sure where the wind was coming from, so took a chance that the shower would miss me and kept on going.





ro-fishh   13 kb


As our path gets rougher, it passes the Fish Hatchery and crosses a shale path. This is a blind corner, so it is a good time to slow down.



ro-river   32 kb


The path becomes smoother and heads south between the railway
tracks and the river.




ro-train   14 kb


The train passes over the walk-way which allows
people to pass under the tracks.






ro-ogdup   6 kb


At Beaver Dam park, the path turns uphill.
At first I put on my sandles and walked up this hill, but in recent years
I have found it easier and quicker to skate up.





view of the city from the far side - 10 kb


This is a view of the city core as seen from the top of the hill in the south west. I had left that core about one hour before.

On this day, it had started to sprinkle fairly hard. Although I didn't see any lighting, it was still important to head quickly for shelter.





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Posted January 18, 2001.