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Part 1: A Jolly Good Journey


ro-flag1 -  10 kb


NOTE: This 1999 photo shows a guy without a helmet.
While padding is extremely important for
new inline skaters, helmets are
a necessity for all!

Soon after leaving, I pass the flags which are across the street, in the middle of the above photo. This is the biggest event in the day because the flags tell which way the wind is coming from and how strong it is. This gives me a good idea how long and difficult the run will be, although the wind often changes. The uncertainty turns this little trip into a bit of an adventure.

The 37 km trip from here in the north-west part of Calgary to Lake Sikome is a bit downhill, although it is hard to tell. If you are fit and maintain a good pace, it can be done in 3 hours. Otherwise you can take your time, take a rest, stop for lunch, continue on, take a rest, and soon you discover that it took 6 hours.



ro-edwpk.jpg (10 kb)


This is the path through Edworthy park.




ro-crowc.jpg - 8 kb


This bridge under the Crowchild Trail has a walkway underneath.
After crossing to the south side of the river, we find a more scenic part of the trail.

On this day, the clouds look a bit dark. It is sprinkling a bit here, and eventually, as you will see, I ran into a shower.




going through the trees  -  20 kb


This is the path through the trees, on the south side of the river.



ro-gren1 14 kb


The winding path allows you to zoom through some impressive scenery.





ro-coreb.jpg - 13 kb


For a few minutes in our journey, we are reminded that
we are running through a busy city.




the crowd near the city core  -  17 kb


This is noon hour, a time when the path becomes quite crowded.





ro-jogpt.jpg - 14 kb


As I wait for my photo to be taken, some joggers run by. On this day, at this stage of the journey, it started to rain. It was good timing because I was able to go to a movie while the shower passed by.




ro-core3.jpg (17 kb)


This is a view of the city core.
The path runs from right to left in front of these buildings.





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Posted January 18, 2001.