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Zins and friends

This is a group of Zinn's and friends at the Zinn farm. Photo taken about 1930.
From the left: Jack, Peggy Brown (a local school teacher), Lou, Lyla, Roxy, Myrtle Smithstead (a local teacher), Gladys, Clinton, and Billy.

Saturday Night

A Saturday trip to town was an experience that the whole family looked forward to. In the summer, everyone would take a bath in the milk house in preparation for their trip to town. The milking was done early; and after supper, at about 7:30, everybody headed for town.

They would arrive in Youngstown at about 8:00P.M. Everybody from the area would wonder up and down the streets, and visit with friends and relatives on the board sidewalks. They would also shop for groceries before heading home at about 10:30.


The Youngstown Fairs

Jack had draft horses and some cattle, which he showed at the Youngstown Fairs. At fair time, the stock was driven into Youngstown the day before by Sheldon and Ross.

At the Youngstown Fairs, there were ball games, foot races, and horse races. Sheldon rode Henry’s race horse. Henry judged the sheep. Jack and Mr. Quick judged the poultry exhibits.

Jack and horse

This is Jack with one
of his horses.

As time went on, Jack bred and raised draft horses. He broke them to work, then sold them to horse buyers that traveled the district. The buyers shipped carloads of horses down to Ontario to work in the bush.




Christmas concerts were held at the Crocus Plains school. Everybody in the district showed up to watch the children do singing, plays, and marching drills. After a visit from Santa Clause, there was a dance. Many of the children stayed and took part in the dancing. Lunch was served at midnight and everyone went home.

Christmas was a busy time around the Zinn home. Lou started preparations weeks in advance. There were five bachelors living close by, who had no place to go for Christmas Day. Jack and Lou invited these men to share Christmas dinner. The bachelors showed their gratitude over the years, by bringing the Zinn’s mail and groceries from town.


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