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So, Violet and John raised their five children in a small shack on the prairie. They planted and harvested crops; and in a small barn nearby, they kept some chickens, a few pigs, a couple of horses, and their feed.


farm from air
 in 1956 - 52 kb
click to enlarge (52 kb)

This is the farm in 1956 as seen from above.
The homestead shack is seen on the left.


Bill, their second son gives us more insight into Violet's personality and life at home when he wrote in 1982:

They were a very religious couple, as Dad was originally a Presbyterian minister. Mother was a Methodist in her background. I do not want to appear to belittle the religion in anything I say, but I do like to look at some of the humorous situations. Motherís religion seemed to me to be very strict. She believed that dancing, cards, lip stick, or even a girl getting her hair cut was some kind of sinful living. Dad on the other hand, could dance an Irish jig quite well for anyone, and mother would either look on with disgust, or not watch at all.


Violet and her husband farmed until the 1940's,
when they moved into Drumheller where they retired.


Violet in 1955 - 21 kb
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This photo was taken about 1955,
when Violet was 75 years old.





John died in 1946 and

Violet died in 1964 at the age of 84.






On August 28, 2001 I was given the contents of Violet's old trunk which had spent over half a century in the attic of what became an unused house. After doing a major cleaning job, I listed most of its contents and have now posted that list here.


Their homestead was located on the plains about ten miles east of Drumheller, Alberta, and about four miles from the Red Deer River and the badlands of the Dinosaur Valley.

The Dinosaur Valley is now a tourist center: known as "the Dinosaur Capital of Canada." The valley is home of the world class Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, a giant T-Rex, the hoodoos, and other tourist attractions.


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