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view of town (35 kb)

This is Smokyville's main street.  The photo was taken at sunrise from a helicopter (which almost collided with the local Bed and Breakfast). (35 kb)

RR-mine.jpg (37 kb)

This is the mine right next to Devil's Canyon. (37 kb)

RR-town2.jpg (85 kb)

This much larger photo of Smokyville's main street includes a couple
of people. (85 kb)


RR-plan2.gif (2 kb)

This is the 4' X 8' layout plan of the railway called DC&S (Devil's Canyon and Smokyville Railway).

In order to squeeze all of my plan onto a 4' X 8' sheet of plywood, it was necessary to use 16" radius curves. Unfortunately, it was flex track, so by the time everything was stabalized and complete, the cork roadbed had softened in spots. As a result, the trains were prone to derailments. So I never did bother to wire all the switches to make it fully operational.

 full layout 61 kb

This was built from about 1956 to 1961.


These photos and a few others are all I have left of the layout. When I had to leave my home in Drumheller to go to school and work in Edmonton, I could not store the railroad or take it with me. So, after selling the parts that had value, I destroyed what was left.


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