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Bibliography and Notes:

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A Witness to Murder: The Cypress Hills Massacre and the Conflict of Attitudes towards the Native People of the Canadian and American West during the 1870ís
taken from the book
As Long as the Sun Shines and Water Flows. A Reader in Canadian Native Studies     pages 229-246     edited by Ian A.L. Getty and Antoine S. Lussier. University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, 1983.

[Robert S. Allen was the Deputy chief, Treaties and Historical Research Centre, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Ottawa. His sources include: the Fort Benton Record, Helena Daily Herald, Helena Daily Independent, New York Times, Bozeman Times, report and papers from the Montana Historical Society, Manitoba Free Press, and the Winnipeg Trial record of testimony. His account was also published as a Canadian Historical Association historical booklet.]

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                are from pages 20, 23, 25, 27, 29, and 31.
            quotes in file on The Mounties Arrive
                  are from pages 38 and 48.

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