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Diary of a 10 Year Old Boy

There is a tendency to idealize

small town life, the 1950's, and

the carefree life of pre-teens.

This diary looks at what was real,

and tells us about life before

the effects of television.

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These are photos of the diary.

bob-Wayne.JPG (11284 bytes)

This 1954 photograph is of my friend Bob and my older brother Wayne who is holding the model airplane. The front of Bob's house is in the background.


ME-GR6.JPG (6097 bytes)

This photo of myself was taken by Bruce about a year later, when I was 10 1/2 years of age.   It was taken by Bruce when he was 2 years old, at a time when his aim was adequate, but not perfect. The thing hanging from my belt is a real rabbit's foot which I had purchased in a store and wore for good luck.

At about 9 years of age, I began making these entries in a new diary.   Wayne and Bob were about 12 years, and Bruce was almost 1.


The diary is safely archived
in my bottom desk drawer.
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