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Feb. 25   After school, we watched Tommy and Wayne make boxes. We sneaked up on them too. Wayne bumped his toe. After supper we went over to the hatchery to find a better place to sneak up on them.

[What was it like working in the basement? Experience the unique atmosphere as you look at a photo and read a few comments about the basement (75 kb).]


view of town from our house

This 1955 photo of downtown Drumheller was taken
from in front of our house.
The large building on the right was the armories, where the Sea cadets met.


April 11, 1955   [This is the date when Bob and myself hiked to the top of the Drumheller valley wall to look at what we thought was a coyote den. Soon afterwards, I recorded our experience in the form of a true story about hiking over the badlands (it includes 1997 photos)].


May 23, 1955   [This is the date that Bob and myself took the Bartons on a hike. It was a few days after a heavy shower, so the badlands were extremely slippery. This is the true 1955 account about hiking through the mud.]




This is Wayne as he flies by on his toboggan
in late 1955.



Dec. 3†   Mom and Dad went downtown at night and they got Mom and Bruce some skates.† Bruce put his skates on and walked around on the floor till bed time. (2 yrs. old.)

Dec. 4†   In the afternoon we went skating.† Bruce can only stand up on ice.† We started a rink for Bruce.

Dec. 24   Wayne was putting up his airplane and jumped on his bed and one of the bedís legs went through the floor.† It made an awful mess on the Christmas tree.

[His bedroom was immediately above our living room.
This link will give you a detailed
1955 account of this Christmas.]



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