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Mar. 1   I got 3 books out of the library.

Mar. 2   Our first Hatch came off. Bruce saw his first chicken that he can remember.

Mar. 3   I am winners 10 today. We played monopoly and I won. Wayne came in second and Bob last. Bob had the black man.

Mar. 4   We had our 3 meeting in "The Fun Club." I played Bob in Monopoly. I won.

Mar. 5   I came home from school losers 5 marbles.

Mar. 6   For the first time, we played catch with the hard ball.

Mar. 7   We played single scrub.

Mar. 16   I came home losers 5 marbles. At least that isnít much because I won 24 once.

Mar. 17   We held the club downstairs. Bob wanted to work on boxes. We earned 50 cents. But won't get the money till tomorrow.

Mar. 18   Before supper, Bob and me worked on boxes for two hours. Wayne joined us after supper and Bob and I got $2.00 each. Wayne got $1.00.

Mar. 20   In the morning, we worked on boxes. After dinner, I bought an archery set. We held the Fun Club and played bingo.

Mar. 25   In the afternoon, I got a book from the library. After supper Wayne and I went comic trading.

Mar. 26   We held a meeting (Fun Club) after supper.

Mar. 27   I bought a Brownie Holiday camera in the morning.† After supper, I listened to Hockey Night In Canada.† I didn't take any pictures.

Mar. 28†   The first picture that I took was the house.† I took it in the afternoon.† I took 5 pictures.† At the Fun Club, Bob was missing for the first time.

April 1   It was April Fools Day but I just got folled once and that was at school.

April 9   After supper I went to a show called Calamidy Kids. It was funney but fony.

April 14   After school we played catch. After supper, we followed a drunk man to a coffee shop.

April 15   It was the end of school for 10 days. We played catch, and I baby sited Bruce.

April 16   It was Good Friday. We went out to the Fox Farm.

[Dad had recently purchased a fox farm.]
I listened to a hockey game. Detroit got the cup.


fox-farm.jpg  8Kb

This is the fox farm which eventually became known as a poultry farm. It was located in the badlands about a mile south of our home in Drumheller. In the top right part of the photo you can vaguely see the town smokestack and water tower which appear white in color.
This photo was taken a little later on, after Dad had built a building to raise chickens which supplied eggs to his chicken hatchery.


April 17   We went to the show. Then we colored Easter eggs.

April 18   It was Easter, and we had fun finding the eggs. We went for a drive. Bruce got his first hair cut.

April 20   We went on a hike out by the fox farm. After supper, we baby sited Bruce.



We liked to jump from the roof of one fox pen to another;
and sometimes we played tag on them. (1956 photo)

April 22†   Wayne and I went out to the fox farm with Dad in the car.


April 23†   We built some bunk beds in the tool shed.

TOOLSHED.JPG (5989 bytes)

This is the tool shed in Bob's back yard.

April 24†   Bob Brennand's Grandmother died, and he got a nail in his foot.

April 25†   Snow had fallen and was about 3 inches deep.† We stayed in and just layed around.

Apr. 30   At recess, we twirled. Earnie Leinhart got sick from doing that.





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