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May 1    In the morning I worked on boxes for an hour.  In the afternoon we went to the show.


May 2    We got our bows and arrows and shot at birds, we didn't get any.


May 3   Right after school, I went to a show called "Here Come The Girls" with Bob Hope.


May 4   In the afternoon, we signed up for Little League Baseball, and got a hard ball. After school, we practiced playing ball.


May 16   We watched the men make the Little League base ball diamond. We practiced too. Then we watched the teenagers play ball. Then we played cars. After a little while, we played catch.


May 17   When I came home from school, we had the try-outs for Little League baseball. We practised instead of having them.


May 18   After school, we played ball over at the Y. I got a new $9.50 glove. Black Diamond.


May 27   In the afternoon, I went out to the fox farm with the family. We sailed boats in the creek.


May 28   At night we were playing cops and speedsters.


June 4   After supper, I played ball, then I met Wayne and Bob at the river. We fished there.

[On most days, my diary contains the exact score of each game.]


June 8   In the afternoon, I bought a book. After school, I wrote poetry and a story in it.


June 9   We didn't go to the Handhills Stampede because it was too muddy. After school, Wayne and I rode around the streets.


June 11   After dinner, we took bottles downtown. We stayed there and fooled around. When we came back, we played boats. (10 cents) We did the same after supper.

[June 11th used to be farmer's day, a school holiday. We were paid 2 cents for each bottle.]


June 12   We started a "Weekly Review" newspaper. We went to the show in the afternoon. We printed paper after the show.


June 14   Today is my birthday.
I got a glove before my birthday, and three dollars and 25 cents. Some field glasses. I didn't have no party. We watched a little League game after supper.

[I was now 10 years old.]


June 18   In the afternoon, we went down by the river and I made a couple of snairs. After school I did the same. The Yankees and Red Sox played, the score was 6 - 1 for Red Sox. Wayn's on the Yankees. I'm on the Red Sox.


June 19   In the afternoon, we had a game with the White Sox. We won. After that, we went down to the hut by the river.


June 20   After Sunday School, we went down to the hut. Later, we went to the ball game. Later we went fishing. The hut was wrecked by some kids.


June 24   I started on an airplane.


June 25   I finished the frame of my airplane. Now I have to paper it.


June 26   I found out how to make a pencil mark on soap and how to soap carve.


June 27    There wasn't any more Sunday School until September.


June 28   We held a puppet show at 8:00 P.M. I built a theatre.


June 29   We fooled around at the other side of the river under the bridge.




Wayne (on the left), myself, and Bruce in the wagon. At about this time,
our relatives met at our house to visit and take photographs.





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