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[These entries, which were made about two years after the initial batch, show that I was often lost for things to do. Bob was now in Edmonton attending a Catholic High School, and I had not yet found a new friend.]


Jan. 3   We went back to school today. I went downtown and got license plates. I got no. 1 and Wayne got no. 2. At night we went skating. Wayne skated with his girl friend for the first time I know of.


Jan. 4   I didnít do much. After school, I practiced raising on Bruceís skating rink. I did some wood burning (elephant), then listened to "The Planet Man" and "Superman." [on the radio] Bruce counted to 7 in order.


Myself on Bruce's skating rink taken at about this time when I was 11 years old. My elementary school is in the background, just across the street from our house.

Jan. 6   Everybody went to the show. The name was Ma And Pa Kettle At Waikiki.

Jan. 8   At night we went to Richardsonís and watched T.V.

[This is the first mention of television in the diary. I had seen it before in a store window where the black and white picture was pretty snowy since the signal came in from Calgary. This was probably the first time that I spent some time watching it.]



Jan. 12   At night I had to babysit Bruce. The "Planet Man" isnít going to be on the air again.


Jan. 24   After school, I read the book of Famous Fliers. I listened to "Superman" and "Fire Fighters" over the radio.


Jan. 25   Clinton and another guy came back from Los Angeles.† They stayed for supper and then went on.† I listened to Superman and Firefighters.


Jan. 26   I had nothing to do. It was snowing so I cleaned off the rink 3 times.


Jan. 27†   I wood burned the cat, horse, and the small one of two cats drinking.


Jan. 28   In morning, I played school with Bruce. In afternoon, babysitted him.



Mar. 25   In afternoon went out to Poultry Farm. When I was trying to jump the creek, I fell in.† At night, we worked on boxes.



Nov. 2   I got a book about trains (Model Railroader) and read it. At night, I thought of where I should put my H.O. train. I decided to put it (8í X 4í) by the window and so changed my room around.

Nov. 3†   In the morning, I got another book on trains and also made plans for my railroad.

[to photos and the layout plan of the completed railway.]






The End








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